High resistance for all CO2 applications. Wieland stands out for its high resistance to pressure and, at the same time, for its good workability.
The system comprising of copper tubing and appropriate fittings is suitable for applications with working pressures of up to 120 bar such as, for example, heat pumps and industrial refrigeration plants.
is therefore particularly suitable for high pressure systems which function, for example, with the natural refrigerant CO2.
The use of CO2 is increasing rapidly for reasons involving protection of the environment and energy efficiency.
Wieland’s ® alloy offers a level of thermal conductivity clearly superior to that of stainless steel and aluminum and, at the same time, offers enhanced working characteristics.
Consequently, it is extremely suitable for the production of tubing intended for the manufacture of finned heat exchangers.
As a result of its high resistance, it is possible to reduce the tubing wall by around 20% and also therefore to reduce the linear weight/meter when compared to copper.
The system was launched onto the international market just a few years ago and demand for the product has been growing ever since.

The brand and logo are used under license from Wieland-Werke AG, Germany.

In refrigeration and particularly in the area of supermarket refrigeration, more and more ecologically conceived installations are being implemented.
The modern, environmentally friendly refrigerant CO2 that is used in such systems involves high operating pressures.
For these applications, the new tubing system is available.
The products are manufactured using the Wieland copper alloy which is already being successfully used in electrical engineering and the automotive industry.
The product offers savings and safety in refrigeration systems with working pressures of up to 120 bar.

High pressure tubing systems, particularly those using CO2 as a refrigerant.
In consultation with the manufacturer, other uses are also possible.

Approved jointing technology: brazing instead of soldering. has excellent working properties which are similar to those of copper.

Safety of the product is guaranteed. tubing manufactured by Wieland is covered by a guarantee that includes applications of up to 120 bar.

tubing is appropriately marked in such a way that components in the system can be clearly identified at any moment. Moreover, the material is slightly magnetic and can thus be easily differentiated from copper by the use of a strong magnet which is another useful and practical advantage.

The principal advantage of is its mechanical resistance.
Given the high resistance of the material, the products manufactured with for use up to 120 bar can be produced with relatively thin walls. Looking then at the weight of tubing elements in , there are not only significant savings in material but also easier working of it.
For example, when the tubing is mounted on ceilings.